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Why You Should Have A Tune Up On Your Boiler Before Winter

Boiler MaintenanceAlthough winter may not be here yet, (depending on when you are reading this), many of us are already feeling the chill. With colder temperature right around the corner, it is time to make sure that you, your family, and your home are all ready for the coming months. One of the first and most important steps to getting your home prepared for the cold weather ahead is by scheduling a boiler tune up for your home's boiler now before the coldest parts of winter get here. Since you probably haven't used your home's boiler for at least half a year, the chances are that when you finally start trying to run it all the time, the chances are high that you might begin to encounter a couple of issues. By making sure you have regular maintenance for your boiler, you can work to reduce or eliminate these issues and start gaining some of the benefits that come along with having a properly maintained boiler system. Benefits like:

Increased Home Safety

The health and safety of you and your family are undoubtedly high on your list of priorities, which can become a serious concern if your home's boiler isn't working like it should be. Incomplete combustion from your home's boiler can release dangerous carbon monoxide into the air inside your home. This can be especially dangerous as carbon monoxide is not only deadly, but it is also nearly impossible to detect. During a tune up for your home's boiler, a professional technician will inspect your system and ensure that there are no leaks that might endanger the health of you and your family, allowing you to have peace of mind this holiday season and letting you safely use your home's heating system.

Conserving Energy

When the boiler system in your home is properly maintained, it will inevitably run more efficiently. When your boiler system is running efficiently, it will require less energy and less fuel to perform its job like it should, reducing your home's carbon emissions and using less fuel, no matter which type your boiler system uses.

Save Money On Your Energy Bills

It almost goes without saying that a more energy efficient boiler system is going to use less fuel, not only helping to preserve the environment, but also helping to cut down on your heating bills. Saving money on fuel now can help you find that extra little bit of money you need for the holidays, or just help you have a little bit more in your pocket when the new year comes around.

Keep Your Warranty Valid

Many manufacturers require that you have at least one professional servicing performed on your boiler each year to keep your warranty intact. This means that by scheduling your boiler maintenance service now before winter fully arrives, you will be meeting this requirement and protecting yourself from major expenses in the event that something catastrophic every befalls your home's boiler system.


Why use John Patrick Heating & Air Conditioning for your boiler maintenance needs?

NATE Certified TechniciansOur technicians are NATE Certified and have at least 5 years of experience. Each of them possesses the knowledge and experience to maintain your HVAC equipment the proper way. Unfortunately there are many heating companies in the Milwaukee area that hire technicians who are not ready to work on your heating system and are sent out in the field anyways. The last thing you want is someone who is not fully trained to work on your gas furnace. This can result in costly breakdowns or even a more severe and/or dangerous problem. At John Patrick Heating and Air Conditioning you will have peace of mind knowing that your HVAC equipment is being taken care of the proper way and you don't have to just take our word for it, because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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